Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yard Work

Do you ever start one project, then find that it tracks off in another direction unexpectedly?  That's what happened to MMM and me.  We started simply by mowing his lawn the other day.  He actually enjoys mowing the lawn - at least the part of the lawn where he can putt around on his John Deere garden tractor/mower.  He puts on tunes, covers his ear buds with super-duper hearing protection (so he can actually hear the tunes), and goes around and around.  That's the back, side and very front yard - there's a circular drive with a strip of lawn way out in front. 

The real front yard is just in front of the house and is fenced in.  Along with a zillion trees and bushes.  That part simply cannot be done with the riding mower.  It has to be done with the push.  So, I offered to do the front while he worked on the rest.  The ground is incredibly uneven, and the trees hadn't been trimmed in forevah!!  So I found myself stepping in broad, shallow holes, tripping over tree roots, fighting way-too-long grass, and pushing through the low-hanging branches like I was fighting in Vietnam.  One of those bushes actually reached out and grabbed the oil cap off the mower I was valiantly pushing around, and oil splattered everywhere.  MMM had finished his part and brought me a lovely glass of lemonade.  (Yes, indeed, he is the sweetest guy in the world).  I was oblivious, but he managed to stop the mower before I burned up the engine.

I was hot and frustrated.  It was apparent we needed to do something about the branches.  MMM is a big guy and usually does all the mowing, including the fenced front yard.  I'm pretty short and I was working like crazy.  I can't imagine how much extra work all those branches had made for him all this time.  We got out the trimmers and we trimmed trees.  Boy, did we trim trees.  Ended up with a whole pickup load.   Off to the dump we went, but what's wonderful is that the front yard now has a lovely airy, umbrella-y quality.  Dappled shade, etc.  Downright poetic.

Except, of course, for the fact that the mowing still isn't done.  At this rate, we'll have to hay it!

I have another project I've been working on for a month, but I have to take some pictures to share.  That will come soon.

Love ya,


Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Feature on Better After

So this isn't my own little success story, but in a way, I guess I could claim responsibility.... after all, I gave birth to the decorator.  How in the world could she have created all this fun beauty if not for all those hours of labor?  So, yes.  Yes!  I should get at least partial credit.  What's that?  No, I didn't paint anything.  No, I didn't buy anything?  Um, no, I didn't offer any advice.  OK... fine!  It was all the work of my firstborn.  She did it for her firstborn, my darling granddaughter, Lily.  Isn't it adorable?   Go here to view it in all its pink gorgeousness!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Teeny-Tiny Step for Womankind. A Giant Step for Me.

Hello there!  So, this is my first post.  Wonderfully earth-shaking, is it not?  I hope to bring you lots of adorable things.  With the encouragement of My Montana Man, I recently began my new business, Sassafras Salvation.  I have a number of things I've been working on over the past little while - things specifically for personal use.  But it's time to spread my wings and make over lovelies for others to welcome into their homes, too.  But I'll be by occasionally to share some of my projects and updates, complete with pictures, with all of you.  I'm excited! 
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