About Sass

Hi! I'm Sassafras. Actually, it's Kathy, but Sassafras was my childhood nickname. 

I am the mother of two daughters; the grandmother of six (3 boys and 3 girls); sister, daughter, and girlfriend. 

My six amazing grandkids

I love home decor and have always been just a little addicted to chairs. I love to thrift shop. (If I'm dressed, it came from Goodwill, thankyouverymuch!) I have a rule: if it's too good to leave in the thrift store, you HAVE to buy it. Someone you know can benefit, right?

My Montana Man is a blessing in my life - what a great support for me in all my endeavors! He gives me the freedom to stretch out creatively and loves me even when I am a pain in his patootie! He even custom designed this blog!

I work full time, and this is my part-time hobby-obsession.

I live in Montana, the most beautiful state in the nation. I am fortunate to have spent most of my life here, and I try not to take that for granted. 

I have two kitties - Max and Punky. They're carefully color coordinated so that, no matter what I wear, cat hair will show up. 

I love God and I am daily grateful for his mercies. 

Nothing makes me happier than a system in use! Organization is a beautiful thing! 

I hope you'll enjoy all the things I have to share.
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