Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sneak Peek Saturday - Chalkboard Attribute Plaques

I keep getting all these ideas about things I want to do, and while MMM gives me the 'eye' (because it's not exactly like we don't have enough on our plates),  I can't seem to help myself.  Our wedding is now less than two months away - September 1st is speeding its way here!  We're doing everything we can to avoid creating any debt, while still having a really sweet little wedding.  That means DIY - or thrift.  Of course, within reason, as you can see if you click over here and look at some of the other Saturday Sneak Peeks over the last few months.

This was a quick and simple project.  I just cut up a piece of fiberboard (this is actually a kind of paper product that comes in boards rather than sheets, and it's mostly intended for shelving, etc.) using a  power saw.  It actually was just a piece of scrap, so it cost me nothing.  I recently was in Billings, where, naturally, I spent a couple of hours in Hobby-Lobby.  Most of you, I imagine, have a Hobby Lobby within an hour's drive.  Billings is the site of the only Hob-Lob in Montana, and it's three and a half hours away.  So when you go, you prepare to drop a dime or two, and you spend some real time.  

I bought a spray can of chalkboard paint in black while I was there.  It just took two quick coats of that paint to coat all but the back side of each of these boards.  Then I just waited for them to dry.  That fiberboard really soaked up the first coat, but I was satisfied with the appearance, after a second layer.

I measured side to side and divided by two to find the exact center of each of these boards - so they'd hang straight.  Then I drilled a little starter hole to place the decorative screw hanger in.  This fiberboard is really hard to just twist the screw into without a starting point drilled.  (Not like I tried to do that or anything.  I'm incredibly patient and ALWAYS plan things out.  Just don't ask MMM about that.  Please?)

I chose words that reflect the attributes that mark a successful marriage. We'll do our best to live out these every day.  I wrote them using a liquid chalkboard marker, each in a different style, with a different border around each edge.

I intend to hang these with ribbon from the rail fence that surrounds the perimeter of my sister's yard, near where the guests will sit.

Here's just a few more of the collection, for you to peruse:

I intend to make a few more before the big day.  I have some other words I'd like to include. 




  1. These chalkboard plaques are amazing, very simple but yet with a great look and wonderful message, thank you for sharing, congratulations on your wedding.

  2. That is such a great idea! Thanks so much!


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