Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sass's Sunday Salvation Show

Oh, my sweethearts - there you are!  MMM and I are in the middle of a really exciting project.  I don't know if I've ever completely told you our situation.  MMMom lives with her son, who happens to be my fiance.  The house they originally bought together has a mother-in-law apartment attached.  Little by little, we've been getting the apartment ready for MMMom, and we're now very close.  She's moved into her bedroom, craft room, and bathroom.  We're on the verge of having the living and dining rooms ready.  The last room we'll finish up with is the kitchen.  

So, in addition to the many projects you see here on Sassafras Salvation, we've been hip-deep in other work, as well.  I am not comfortable showing you MMMom's space - it is hers, after all, and not mine to share.  She's been busy sorting, carrying back and forth, and putting away.  But it's a big project.  They combined two full households some years ago (long before I was in the picture), but never really had the mother-in-law apartment in a fully habitable condition.  So it's a matter of sorting out her things from his, and there's some downsizing necessary, since it is a smaller space.

In addition to MMMom finally having her own space (which she's loving, in case you wondered), it means that MMM and I can start to work on our own home.  MMM was married before, but I don't get the feeling that she was much of a homemaker.  I have heard horror stories about her cooking, for example.  I am sooo excited to get started on making this house our home.  I have a small example of a little something I am going to lay out more fully for you this week.  Just a tease:

Let's get on with the Salvation Show, shall we?

My favorite project from this last week was from Dixie n Dottie - a wonderful bunch of crocheted purses.  My personal fave is the one below.  Check out that lining - do you even wonder why it's my favorite?  I'm such a sucker for polka dots!! 

You must click over and check out all the wonderful variety in handbags all in crochet, and all with fun linings!

Dixie n Dottie, here's my button.  Thanks so much for sharing all that cute with us!

Sassafras Salvation

Time for this week's Salvation Show.  First, a few rules:
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