Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Sneak Peek - My Jewelry

Here we go again.   As you may know, MMM and I are crazy for each other - so crazy, in fact, that we've decided to tie the knot in September.  But we're not so crazy as to run up any debt at all to get that done.  We're having a pretty little wedding for family and old friends only, and we have committed to doing it, within reason, entirely via thrift or handmade.  You can look at the full collection of all my sneak peeks to see how far we've come. 

I have been collecting pieces that are inexpensive (for my wallet), but wonderfully expensive (in appearance only). 

I don't think there's anything more apropos for a wedding than pearls.  Very pretty, very elegant, very understated.  But I'm the kind of girl that likes a little bling with her elegance.  That said, today, I'm sharing my wedding jewelry with you.

My earrings are just cubic zirconia - I'm no snob when it comes to jewelry.  I like pretty things, but outrageous price tags just do me in!  So CZ is fine with me.  And aren't these a pretty pair?  I bought them on the clearance rack at Shopko. They're set in sterling silver.

Here, you can see how large they are, in comparison to my thumb - they'll make a nice sparkle at the juncture of my ear and throat, and look at that price tag:

You can't beat that with a stick!

Remember when I went to Reno for that work conference for a week in May?  In amongst the shops around the casino, there was one little shop where everything (all fashion accessories) was $10.  Their stock was lovely, though generally, the quality was a bit obviously on the poor side.  But I found this lovely headband.  I am not convinced yet that I should wear it.  Maybe it's over the top?  Also, the metal is more bronze in color, which I'm not really sure about.

Tell me what you think....should I wear it?

I found this amazing bracelet on  Did you know that you could even shop Goodwill online?  This bracelet was brand-spanking-new, from J. Jill, and I bought it for $10.

I really love the rows of pearls.  And that pretty rhinestone brooch to crown it? Swoon.  I had to have it.

This necklace is the piece de resistance.  I bought it locally, at my favorite thrift store, for $1.  It's vintage - quite old.  The pearls are not real, but they are glass.  This weighs a ton. and it's just lovely.  Each individual pearl has such a nice sheen.  And the catch is beautiful and well-made. I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again - if you are patient and go often, eventually the thrift store will give you exactly what you've been looking for.

So there you go.  Every piece of my wedding jewelry (except that all-important ring!) - even the optional headband.

I spent a grand total of  $8.99 + $1 + $10 + $10 = $29.99!!  Can you believe it?

(Seriously - tell me what you think about the headband.)




  1. You have some beautiful sparklies. I really do like those CZ earrings. I might need to look around for some of those. I have some "petite" diamond earrings! A bit hard to notice. LOL!

  2. Very nice pieces ... classy and elegant!

  3. Yeah, weddings and pearls make a cute tandem. Your earrings are fabulous! I can imagine them sparkling in your wedding photos. The head band is pretty, but, yeah, it would be a bit over the top if you wear them on that special day. Perhaps, you better save it for another special occasion. ;)


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