Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sass's Sunday Salvation Show

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!  It's been a busy day - First, I went to Sunday School and church this morning.  It was really nice.  Our Sunday School lesson was out of Philippians, and one of the questions was "How would it impact your life if you really lived in the fact that you are a citizen of heaven?"  Wow - what a question.  And I love that it's in the present-tense.  

This afternoon, we worked on MMMom's apartment, painting a bit of trim and hanging a fan/light fixture.  We keep moving forward.    One of these days, we'll be ready for the big move!  Fun!

My favorite link from last week was from Artsy VaVa, who's been busy upcycling olive and pickle jars into elegant things of beauty.  She shares her secrets, so that you can do the same with your waiting-to-be-beautiful jars.  Go on over there, and say hello from me.  She always has such lovely stuff!

So, for Artsy Vava, my 'Featured' Button:

Sassafras Salvation

Time for this week's Salvation Show.  First, a few rules:
Share something you've done recently.  Take a moment to look at and comment on someone else's link - we're all in this together!  Please consider becoming a follower of Sassafras Salvation and take a Sunday Salvation Show button to remind yourself and others to come back again and again!

Sassafras Salvation

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  1. Hi, Kathy

    Thank you for hosting this lovely link party. Have a great week.



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