Monday, May 28, 2012

A Trip to the Prairie Sisters' Market!

Warning - this is going to be a picture-heavy post.  

About a month ago, MMM gave me a delightful Saturday.  We drove over to Missoula, enjoying the first real Spring weather, and took in the Prairie Sisters Market.  It was amazing.  But a picture tells a thousand words, as they say, so come along with me!

Here was our first sight on coming into the first building.  I tell you, my heart was melting!

Now I want to electrify an old ironing board into an industrial lamp.  Isn't this great?

Some wonderful upcycler took this great old school chair and added the sweetest nest!

I loved that this booth had this gigantic flower in it!

This wonderful old door was transformed into a great hall tree.

Would this not be the perfect chair for a nursery, if you were expecting a little girl?  I could curl up here!

Road trip, anyone?

Makes me want to learn to weld!  How about you?

 I love signs.  Pretty sure that this one's a reproduction, but I loved it nonetheless.

There's just nothing that speaks vintage to my heart like the color red!


This would be just perfect for my camper!  This booth featured all kinds of fun iron-on transfers for dishtowels.

I loved this little spray of flowers tied to these worn pickets.

All these aprons on a clothesline!  Doesn't that make you want to tie one on and bake a batch of cookies?

I loved this gate.  The painted section really sets off the rusted bits.

There were interesting architectural salvage pieces everywhere you looked!

This large booth was decorated with this really fun brown kraft paper garland - isn't it neat?

I loved this shelf built into the radiator surround of an old Ford pickup!

This creative little sign said "Open" when the shutter was turned one way, and "Closed - Come Again" when it was turned the opposite direction.

One of the nicest treats of the day was the chance to meet Becky of Beyond the Picket Fence.  She had a space so full of lovelies, it was hard to believe!  She was very busy, but incredibly sweet, and took a moment for a picture with me.  I know it's a bit blurry, but she still looks so cute here!  I was tickled to meet her!  Here's one of the pretty things she had for sale that day:

Oh, my goodness - we had such a lovely day!  I think I'd like to have a booth at Prairie Sisters someday.  Every vendor I spoke to said what a good day they'd had.  The crowd was a happy one, and everyone had a treasure in hand.  



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  1. What a fun and wonderful day it was. Wow--I was having a bad hair day, blame it on the freezing cold temps., I was barely functioning!


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