Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sneak Peek Saturday - Table Settings


MMM and I are now under four months and counting!  Our wedding day is September 1, 2012, and the days are melting away.  There's still so much to do, and I hope I have enough time and energy to get it all done!

As you may (or may not) know - I have committed to doing the entire wedding in either thrifted items or homemade.  Today's Sneaky little Peek was an easy call.  Because the wedding will be small - likely under forty folks - I wanted to serve them on nice dishes.  But finding a set to serve forty almost had me reverting to the notion of paper goods.  That's OK, and many people make that choice, but I really didn't want to.  

Then, one day in the thrift store, I hit on it!  Luncheon plates!  You recall these from fancy church teas and the like?  I can't remember when I didn't like them.  And they're all (usually) made of simple clear glass.  I really don't give a whit whether they actually matchy-match, just so they more or less go, without undoing the rest of the wedding pretties.  So luncheon plates it had to be.  I am still in the middle of collecting them.  And I recently found out that my mom can fill in from her church's collection if I come up short.  Whew! 

I thought I'd share a couple of the pretty designs I've managed to collect.


Aren't they pretty?  It's a morning wedding, and we'll be serving breakfast afterwards.  I just think each table setting, with these lovely luncheon sets, will be simple, fresh, and elegant. 



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