Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trying Out a Little Something New

I recently joined All Recipes as a supporting member - I guess what that means is that I paid $22 for two years for full access to all of the site's features.  I think it's worth it.  I love that I can, almost without fail, find a really yummy recipe - fully tested, rated, and with recommended modifications, anytime I want.  I can base my selection on a general preference search; I can ask for specific ingredients; I can request recipes without unwanted ingredients - say sugar or flour.  I have long loved this site.  I enjoy cooking - mostly I enjoy pleasing other folks with good cooking, so this was a good decision for me.  

So, here's what I think is the best feature I now have access to:  I can select specific recipes to line up a menu for a full week, and as I do, a shopping list is automatically created.  I can print that list, check what I already have on hand, decide if I absolutely have to have it (for instance, do I really need dried cranberries for that salad?), and then go shopping without any doubt that I'll then have the requisite items for the coming week as I prepare the meals on the menu.  I just love that.  What a great feature!

Please know that I have not been paid anything to endorse All Recipes.  I just wanted to share.

Have you  ever given this site a try?




  1. Love this sight, also! Not a supporting member but sounds like it would be worth it!

    1. Yup, I think so. I so want to be more organized, and cook at home more and I think All Recipes may just be that ticket!


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