Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bunny Parade

 While I was at Mama Sass's house over Easter weekend, I pulled out some project materials I had brought along, thinking that she and I could create a little something.  Here's the materials list:

Two thrift store sweaters - one, mossy green and the other, pink;
Polyester fiberfill;
Pellon iron-on interfacing (in a pretty heavy weight); and
White pompons.  That's it!

I had previously downloaded a bunny outline that I liked and then I sketched up a larger version of that same bunny, so I had two differently-sized patterns.

We started by cutting the sweaters apart along the seam lines.  I only used the body of each sweater, putting the sleeves aside for some other project, some other day.  I ironed the fusible interfacing to the backside of each sweater to stabilize it.  (For anyone who's never used this stuff, you want to apply the shinier side to whatever you want it to fuse to.  The duller, less glossy side doesn't have any fusible power.)  Iron with a pretty hot setting and add a little steam to it.
After I was sure they were good and fused, I laid a bunny pattern on the interfacing and simply sketched around it with a pencil, leaving a 3/8" margin for seam allowance.  We placed interfaced sides together, and then just stitched around them, leaving the bottom open for stuffing.  We packed in a little stuffing (although you will see that, perhaps, I am less than the world's best animal stuff - there goes my career at Build-a-Bear!) After stuffing, we just machine-stitched directly across to close the opening.  I like that rough-finished edge.

I used a tiny pair of scissors to trim up the edges where the interfacing was obnoxiously apparent.  Then, with hot glue, I added large and small pompons and tied ribbons around each neck.   Then we marched them down the hall and took pictures.  Whew! We started with just two - but you know what you get if you have two bunnies, right?  Pretty soon, we had a small bunny army!

I realized as I was prepping this post, that Picnik's days are really, really numbered.  I haven't figured out Google's replacement - maybe it's not up yet?  I have to get that done!

These bunnies may look a bit like Easter, but I think they're just as much Spring as anything!



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  1. So sweet! Such a clever idea to use sweaters!

    I've been trying to play around with (very similar to Picnik). Hoping they have the collage option/etc. ready to go in time. They've been saying "coming soon" for the extras for a while now. I'm definitely going to miss Picnik too!


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