Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sneak Peek Saturday - Tablecloths

It's Saturday again, and while I don't have anything handmade that's ready (actually, that's not entirely true, but I want to present things in a more logical order) to show you, I have something to share that may be of some help to others out there who are planning an event.  

To bring folks up to speed, MMM and I are getting married on September 1 of this year.  I committed early on to do everything I could, within reason, to make my wedding by hand or via thrift.  And I've done pretty well.  We're well under the six month mark, and I have pretty much made all the decisions and begun (or completed) all the projects I intend to feature as a part of our wedding celebration.  That little phrase "within reason" plays a large part in this post.  You will probably recall that our rings were among the things that simply couldn't be thrifted or handmade, so reasonableness played a part there, too.  

[To run a little rabbit trail for a minute..... we did consider looking at both regular and online pawn stores for rings, but, with the exception of antique rings, we both agreed that there was too much 'bad juju' tied up in someone else's pawned wedding rings.  I know that's a little superstitious, but there you go.  We wanted something without anyone's bad ending tied to it.  And we both found rings we loved outside the consideration of antique rings.  It would have only been for mine anyway.  Pretty tough to find antique titanium for him!!]

In any case, today we're talking tablecloths.  Now, generally you wouldn't think that tablecloths would present such a problem.  But it's hard to consider that the tablecloths you're purchasing are intended for one use.  Despite that, I wanted them to be uniform.  I could have had plenty of fairly inexpensive tablecloths via thrift, but they would have been a patchwork, and if there's one thing that can pull a wedding  together visually, it's uniformity.  It's why, even when each bridesmaid has a dress of her own choosing, it's generally within a specific spectrum of color and style.  It's why the floral arrangements follow a certain plan.  It's why the guys all have that same set of suspenders and a newsboy cap.   That continuity of color and/or form keeps it visually pleasing.


So I rejected plenty of thrift store tablecloths in favor of either renting or purchasing linens.  Turns out, renting is actually more expensive, and the colors are pretty limited.  Please note:  I am about to endorse a company, but I am NOT being paid a thing.  I want you to know just because I was so delighted at what a great price I got.  I went to Linen Tablecloth, and I got 90" round polyester tablecloths in chocolate brown for between $8 and $9 apiece - what a fabulous deal!  There would be no way to beat that even by sewing.  The fabric alone would cost too much.

Of course, I have plans for the center of each of these tables, but that's for another day!




  1. That IS an amazing deal! Good for you! I just found you today via your link at BNOTP showing your invitations (LOVE!). Now, I'm going back and enjoying all your Sneak Peaks. I'm so happy for you both. I'm 48 and single- it's lovely to hear a story like yours.

  2. Hi

    Yes but they do have serged hems, which are not as good quality as folded and stitched hems as they do fray and curl over time or when laundered.

    For anyone having a party, you can get money off coupons for cheap table linens at this website.

    Linen Tablecloth Coupons

    and on their twitter and FB pages too...

    Hope this helps someone for Thanksgiving or Christmas events etc.



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