Friday, April 6, 2012

A Footstool for Mom - An Easterish Christmas

Christmas came and went and I didn't give the gift I planned for Mama Sass.  I wanted to deliver it in person, because shipping was out of the question. Instead, because I knew it wouldn't need to be done for a while, it languished in my workroom.  (No one but me does that, right?)   My mom lives five hours away, so getting home is infrequent, at best.  Then, MMM and I made plans to visit for Easter!  

I quickly got my poop in a group and got the upholstery taken care of.  I had always planned to do it in blue denim, since this is for their country place.  That way, it can take a little country-style living.  Besides that, her country living room is blue, so it will fit right in.

Here's the before:

It was something to behold, wasn't it?  Just lovely.  

And here's the after:

I used cotton clothesline for that cording, instead of buying expensive upholstery piping.  The denim was a thrifty find.  Four yards for $10, because it was faded along the fold.  I was able to cut pieces around that fading, so it doesn't make an appearance on this piece at all.  

I completely replaced the foam with a brand-new piece of 4" foam from Joanne's.  Expensive stuff, that - even when it was 50% off and I used my 40% off coupon!  I allowed the selvage edge of the denim to serve as the fringe along the bottom:

What I would have done differently:

1.  I'd have read up a little more on upholstery techniques, in general, instead of just kind of winging it.  I have done a little upholstery in the past, but enthusiasm just can't replace good technique.

2.  I'd have sewn that cording in place (rather than just pinning it) on the rectangular piece of fabric that forms the top of the footstool,  and THEN I'd have sewn on the boxy sides.  I think the corners would be much more professional looking, had I done it that way.

3.  I'd have gone ahead and bought a little more foam, as long as I was getting it on sale.  I trimmed what I bought for this footstool, and now I have a piece that's a bit of a funky size for another project.  It will force me to be creative, I guess.

Nonetheless, I think the stool will do just fine.  And Mama Sass seems to like it.  That's really what counts, right?



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  1. Hi, Kathy

    The ottoman turned out great. I love denim fabric too. Happy Easter!



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