Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Sneak Peek - Crochet Doily & Heirloom Table

Welcome back to another Saturday Sneak Peek.  As you may already know, MMM and I are getting married in September, and I have committed to either thrifting or making by hand all the wedding "stuff", as much as is possible.  Here is a project that I have spent beaucoup hours on:  a doily for our centerpiece table.

This is the pretty little table that will sit beneath the chuppah (Hebrew for 'canopy' or 'covering').  We're not Jewish, but I love the idea of a canopy over our heads.  MMM knows that I have plans to build a platform on which we will stand with our officiant.  We'll be in front of this little table, which is an heirloom to MMM's family, having belonged to his great-grandmother.  Doesn't it have a wonderfully - well, almost Bavarian feel to it? (Ignore the stuff in the background - it's kinda in storage right now, and that's where I took the picture.)  

I wanted to make a pretty doily for the top, and I have put a sincere number of hours toward that end.  Here's the result:

I have never crocheted with tiny little crochet hooks and skinny little crochet thread before, so you're looking at my maiden voyage here.

I realize that this last photo is the only one in which you can see the whole thing.  I put this little bottle of craft paint on it, so that you can get a sense of how big it is.  I didn't really intend for it to ruffle at the edges, but, if you recall, I don't follow patterns.  This doily was done on the fly, and I just added to it in different ways as I went along.  I couldn't tell you now how I did it.  I really like it, however. 

The irony is, of course, that the day after I took these pics, I found a creamsicle orange doily at the thrift store.  It isn't as pretty as mine, but it would have done just fine.  I bought it anyway - thinking that I may find a place to put it to work.  I probably have at least ten hours of crocheting in mine, and the thrift store one cost ONE DOLLAR!  Irony, I tell you.

Of course, I bought the crochet thread for this one at the thrift store, too. There you go.




  1. That doily is beautiful! I can believe it took you at least ten hours, but it's fabulous!

    1. Thanks so much, Kei. I worked on it over the period of about three months - kept putting it away when I was sick of it, but knowing I had to go back and finish it up. Done at last!

  2. Hi, Kathy

    You did a great job. It's just lovely.


  3. Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays. Be sure to check out my most recent post for info on my GIVEAWAY.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. It is beautiful- I can't believe you made that! As far as the thrifted one, maybe you could casually drape it over the edge of an open, vintage suitcase that you set out to hold favors or something.


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