Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Birthday Present for My Sister

Well, I finally finished them.  It's pretty hard to do a project like this when spray paint weather is so elusive.  I actually found these chairs at a local thrift store last fall, intending to get this done for Deb's birthday.  But her birthday is long gone.  Nevertheless, I persevered and got them done.

They're pretty much the ubiquitous Eames-style chair from the 1960's.  It's kind of funny - these were all over my childhood - at school and church - everywhere you went.  We never thought they were anything special., but I can tell you, when I spotted them at the thrift shop, I just knew they'd fit in with Deb's slightly quirky mid-century modern decor.

She loves deep, beautiful color, so I had a feeling these would strike a chord.

I'm a bad blogger - never took a "before" shot, but I can tell you that they were originally white.  A dirty, dingy, beat-up, rough shape, sorta white, that is.  I sanded the scratchy bits, including the edges.  I gave them several coats of this Claret Wine from Rustoleum.  It's their paint specially formulated to bond with plastic.  It really did a nice job.

I took them to Deb last night, and she loved them.  They'll do great for extra seating here and there, but I think they'll mostly live in her office.

I sprayed the legs with Rustoleum's Dark Bronze - actually very close to what they were originally.  But now they are scratch-free.  I also had a weld repaired. (Full disclosure - I actually snapped the weld when I pulled the legs free.  Fortunately, one of MMM's oldest buddies welds and welds well.  It turned out great!)  And I replaced the rubber tips.  

These chairs are a sweet little set now.  I'm glad they're finally moved into their new home, and off my to-do list!  Is your weather cooperating with your projects?  Do you need it to?



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