Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sass's Sunday Salvation Show

Welcome back for another Sunday Salvation Show. Interest has been a bit down, so I am debating whether or not to keep on keepin' on.  I love the links - they're always so creative, and I get so much out of looking at  them all - plus, I hate to be a quitter..... What do you think?

I have spent the day putting the final touches on my sister's on-month-late birthday gift.  Tomorrow, I shall photograph it, and show it to you on Tuesday.  Bet you just can't wait.  And I can't hint about it, because if there's one person who tries to occasionally read my blog, it's my sister.  Well, and my mom, too.  And my daughter.   Isn't it lovely to have relatives?  

My wildly favorite link from last week was from MuseBootsi (What am unusually fun name for a blog!) and the re-do of her fabulous little kitchen.  Believe me, it was anything but fabulous before, but over time, it became quite the showplace.  Go on over there and have a look for yourself, if you don't believe me.  But beware - your socks could get knocked off!

So, for MuseBootsi, my 'Featured' Button:

Sassafras Salvation

Time for this week's Salvation Show.  First, a few rules:
Share something you've done recently.  Take a moment to look at and comment on someone else's link - we're all in this together!  Please consider becoming a follower of Sassafras Salvation and take a Sunday Salvation Show button to remind yourself and others to come back again and again!

Sassafras Salvation


  1. Kathy! Thank you so much for featuring my little kitchen! I am so flattered! It was two years in the making, and I am so glad it's done!

    Also, Bootsi was a nickname I had when I was younger and Muse is what I want to be when I grow up!

    Thank you again! And I think you should keep going with the show...How fun to have people posting loveliness just for you!

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback regarding whether the Show should go on. I like it, and I know when I connect to a linky party that has 200+ links, I often feel like I'm the mouse in the corner of a very large room full of people. At the very least, you'd never be lost in my crowd! So maybe that's the way I should look at it - a positive spin! Thanks again - and I really do love your sweet kitchen!


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