Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sass's Sunday Salvation Show

Today's been one of those days, where I did a bit of everything, so at day's end there's not a lot of anything to show for it, but I sure am tired.

We had our first day of real summer - the weather was hot, hot, HOT!  I think it hit ninety-seven degrees, and the wind blew like a sonofagun all day long.  I'm afraid we may have a fire season yet.  We hit it lucky last year; it was rainy and cool for most of last summer and we managed to avoid huge fires. 

But this year we have lots and lots and lots of beetle killed trees in the forests around Helena, and I think it may just be a matter of time before opportunity and bad luck meet.  

 There's just so much standing fuel. I see reports of terrible forest fires in other states, and I hold my breath, knowing that could well be our future.  The last really bad fire season, the air quality in Helena dropped to 'just plain awful' (not that that's an actual category).  My sister is the State's lead air quality specialist, and so I hear about "unhealthy for sensitive groups" (an actual category) quite often.  This extreme heat and the lack of precipitation we're experiencing feel like stage-setting for a fire of biblical proportion.  I sure hope not, but I know that our luck has held about as long as is likely.

Ooh.  Gloom.  Doom.  Aren't I 'Little Mary Sunshine'?

Let's change the subject, shall we?  Let's talk about adorable baby sweaters!  That's a pretty significant change!  Roberta, at A Little Bit of Everything has  concocted not one, but TWO truly adorable little sweaters.  And I have to confess that I'm a fan.  Roberta is not your everyday knitter, oh no, she's not.  She's an artiste with her needles.  Look!

You must go visit her and slather her with bloggy love.  Roberta, I loved your sweaters and I'm dyng with envy for your talent!  Here's my featured button:

Sassafras Salvation

Time for this week's Salvation Show.  First, a few rules:
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Sassafras Salvation


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