Monday, June 11, 2012

Green Needlegrass

The other night, MMM and I went to have dinner at a local place called the Staggering Ox.  They're pretty well-known for their unusual sandwiches.  But the real draw was the band.  My sister plays guitar and sings with a little group called Green Needlegrass.  Their style is harmonic, easy, and folksy.  It was their debut.  Up until this particular evening, they'd been jamming at Deb's house, just enjoying each other's company.  Actually, I have two family members in this band.  The fellow on the drum is Charles, my brother-in-law.  They write much of their own music, as well.  I honestly haven't met any of the other members in the group, but there was a nice little gathering of locals who stopped by, like us, to enjoy the food and the music.

And, I'm sharing.  Deb knows that this is, in part, just for our mom to see.  But hit play, and you can see what wonderful talent they all have!  Deb is the woman just to the right of center and her voice is the highest one.  Enjoy!  

(By the way, do you think that annoying busboy could have walked through the frame just five more times? Grr.)



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