Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mama Kat's Perfect Barbecue Writing Prompt

It's kind of amazing.  I guess I have a really dark side, when it comes to recalling things from my childhood.  I read through Mama Kat's prompts and decided to veer away from all that - all I could think of were deep, and rather dark, insights.  You all don't need that on this fine summer day, so I chose a different prompt:  

Share a list of seven things you need for a perfect barbecue! 

 Mama’s Losin’ It

1.  It's always better with a classic margarita in hand, blended, with chunky salt all around the rim.  The glass is so cold, it's sweating, leaving a ring wherever you set it.  The lime is perfectly tart, perfect sweet.  The tequila is the good stuff....positively golden goodness - all chill and warm at the same time.


2.  Lots of family all around.  I would say lots of friends, because I love my friends, but I have to say that the best times I've had at barbecues have been with family.  There's a comfort level that you don't have any other way.  They all know that you are divorced and what a dork your first husband was and what a silly young fool you were for marrying him and that's all over now and they love your new guy because you love him and he loves you.  And that's all that matters.  There's plenty of love in any case.  These folks have travelled the long road with you, helped you carry your baggage, moved your heavy dresser six times, and watched your kids grow up into fine people.  Yup, it'll make for a better barbecue if we have lots of family.  With margaritas in hand, so they're all mellow now, too.

I just wanna say - these people are not my family, but they look like they love each other, all right!  Do you think they'd like a margarita?
3.  Great steaks.  For everyone.  None of this hamburgers and hot dogs for the kids.  Unless they really want them.  I don't know about your kids, but my kids have always known that hamburgers aren't steak, and never will be.  Steak.  Very rare for me, if you please.  Yum.  So yes, steaks even for the kids, if they want them.  And can I have a side of baked beans with that?  Yes, please, with pineapple.

4.  A big green, grassy yard with shady trees.  Plenty of room for the kids to run and the guys to throw frisbees or horseshoes or yard darts or whatever, and for the rest of us to wander around in the grass barefooted.  Except for you, April, because I know you'll break out.  Have another margarita, and don't worry about it.

5.  Sunshine.  Need I say more?  Ahh! 

6.  Saturday in the middle of a long weekend.  So you didn't have to work yesterday and you don't have to work tomorrow.  You spent part of Friday doing Saturday chores, so Saturday's just for the barbecue and not much else.  Sunday, you get to kick back a little more or finish up whatever didn't get done on Friday.  And you can have an extra margarita, if you want one.

Photo: Pool Time.....so ready for summer.

7.  Could we have a pool, even if none of us actually has a pool?  And none of this kiddie pool stuff, OK?  If this is my perfectly imagined barbecue, we'll have us a big in-ground pool, like practically no one in Montana has, with a deep end and a slide for the kids, and a hot tub off to the side and an area with a quartet of lounge chairs and a poolside bar with plenty of little umbrellas, so we can pretend that we live someplace warm and haven't just lucked into the only day in Montana in June that the temperature bothered to climb above eighty degrees!

Pool house/pool

That's it.  A perfect barbecue.  Now, where'd I put my tongs?




  1. I will have a big No. 3 please. Not too bloody...

  2. Nothin' quite like a BBQ, that's for sure, and you have captured the heart of it! Love the last shot with the woman in the bathing cap. Brings back memories of childhood BBQ's and good times at the pool!

  3. Hey--I recognize those toes! ~L

  4. I love this! All of it, except maybe the margaritas (but I'm not a big drinker, and I totally understand that most people would want them; for me, it would be a tall, cold, iced tea). Oh, and I need ice cream of some kind. Stopping by Mama Kat's.

  5. #1 and #3 a good margarita and a grilled rare steak...pass some this way please

  6. AHHHHH! A margarita! Sigh! Sounds like a great party!!!


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