Friday, June 8, 2012

A Fresh Read: Easily Amused

Hi!  I just finished reading a new lighthearted everyday-girl kind of romance.  It's Easily Amused by Karen McQuestion.

It's the story of Lola Watson, a 29-year-old magazine editor, whose aunt has left her a house in a neighborhood full of interesting characters.  Her annoying younger sister is on the verge of getting married and Lola's dreading all that comes with it - considering that Lola herself doesn't seem to have any prospects.  It's a fun, quick read, and Ms. McQuestion's writing style swings along in an easy, breezy, conversational manner.  

Her bio includes the information that she has written many things for many years, but never hit until she self-published  for Kindle.  That inspires me.  My not-so-secret dream is to write novels here and there.

I recommend!  It's definitely a beach-y read!



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