Saturday, November 5, 2011

Can't Touch This!

Before I let Halloween get too far away, I have to show you one little part of it that was so much fun for me.  My grandson, Kieran, is a YouTube fanatic.  He loves to look at music videos and much prefers the ones with the lyrics captioned across them, so that he can learn the words.  It's kind of amazing how many songs he knows, word for word.  He really loves music and he really can sing.  And he has a great range in terms of the artists he is familiar with, because of the nature of YouTube.  He can swim from one song to the next, to the next, and so one.  So, for Halloween, he told me he wanted to be MC Hammer.  Well, that's a specific look, all right.  

His mom and I went shopping for fabric to make the pants.  This had to be a thrifty costume.  We went to my favorite - Good Samaritan - and were fortunate to find a set of curtains that were just right for this project. I zipped them up easily, with an elastic waist cut from an old pair of his dad's underwear.  Then I outfitted him with my suede vest and some chunky necklaces.  He was set, and he was one happy boy:

Forgive the quality of the photo - I had to use my phone camera.

Will ya look at that smile?  He'll break hearts someday! I  just had to show you.



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  1. I love this picture. He is adorable and you did an awesome job on his costume. THANKS MOM!!


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