Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Dreamed of Pottery Barn...........!

I was browsing through the Pottery Barn kids catalog the other night, and something caught my eye, but it wasn't for sale in the catalog.  Just an item that they used to round out the room decor, but didn't offer for sale.

Here it is:

Do you see it, there on the wall?  Here it is again, closer:

I liked the softness of the letters.  It appeared to me as if they were drawn freehand onto burlap, then embroidered using a thick, nubbly yarn in a row of french knots.  I figured I could knock that out in an evening.  And I did.  

Here's mine:

My letters are a bit more curlicue than PB's, but I like that.

I added a little extra embellishment to the 'M'.  This little swallowtail is made of styrene, but the paint took pretty well.  The original brown shows through the blue paint so nicely.  You can really see the feather detail.

I shopped thrift stores to find the frames.  I wanted them mismatched,  and I used a little jar of acrylic craft paint in blue to unify them.  I removed the glass because these are so dimensional.

I shopped my own fabric stacks to find a nice rich brown to "mat" out the burlap.  Then I just sewed them together - first, strips along the two vertical sides, then two more strips along the horizontal top and bottom.

I didn't exactly 'style' these well to show them off.  They're just propped up on my grandmother's china cabinet (and isn't it beautiful?).  I don't know yet whether I'm keeping or selling them.  

The total project may have cost me $5.  I have no idea what PBK might have sold these for, but I'm suspecting it may have been a bit more than that!

Are you knocking off big time decor here and there?



P.S.  Partying here.


  1. These letters are gorgeous! I saw them on Momnivore's Linky Party! Newest follower =)

  2. I spotted them in the PB photo immediately! Beautiful job! You should pop over to WhisperWood Cottage and link up to the party - it's burlap month! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing your creativity! :)
    Have a great weekend, Kathy!

  3. I love those! You have a sharp eye to catch the detail in the PB pictures. I like yours better though.

  4. These are SO cute!!

    I featured this on my blog today:

    And I'm pinning it to my features board:

  5. So creative and thrifty! Thanks for linking up to the Burlap Month party at WhisperWood Cottage!

  6. I don't think I've come across a company YET that I glean more inspiration from than Pottery Barn, Kathy. Isn't it funny how our eyes catch those little things that "round out" the PB rooms? By the way, your knockoff turned out fantastic. ;)

    Thanks for joining Time Travel Thursday. Hope to see you again this week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


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