Sunday, November 27, 2011

Old School, New Cool #7

Well, seven is indeed a lucky number, and it's the number that brings this series to a close.  This is the book that started it all:

This book, published in 1960, has an amazing number of style choices that seem to foreshadow the future.  So many really hot fashion trends that echo in today's design seem to have had their inception in 1960.  We've looked at showplace staircases, chalkboards, maps, horizontal stripes, and unusually clever color combinations, among others.  Today's our last Old School - New Cool trend.

Here it is:  the pendant lamp.  And this picture, I just love:

Is that collection of pendants unbelievably beautiful?  Those coppery discs?  And NINE pendants?  Beautiful excess.  What in the world do you think they needed that lamp in the corner for?  Kinda crazy, is it not?  But gorgeous, no?  The pendant has been hot for a year or three.  I've seen an amazing number of DIY iterations.

Consider this ping-pong lamp:

Or this set of bottle pendants:

Or a faceted pendant light, made from childhood memories:

The possibilities are endless.  But it all began back in 1960.  There's just nothing new under the sun!



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