Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Easy Santa Boots

I haunt the craft section at the Good Samaritan Thrift Store on a regular basis.  And I almost always hit the jackpot.  The other day, I had been inspired by someone's post about spray painting a pair of snow boots red.  They were really cute and got me to thinking.  I decided I wanted a pair of Santa's boots on the hearth.  

I happened to find some faux fur scraps all in a little bundle at the thrift store. They reminded me I wanted some boots, so I crossed to the shoe section and there they were!  The perfect Santa boots.  They just needed a little embellishment.

I took them home, added the faux fur with hot glue (thanks goodness there was just enough!), and added a couple of other pieces to create a little vignette.  I think some other time, I may make a Santa sack to put with the boots.  It would be a logical accompaniment.


The snowman was a little fifty cent treasure and the HO HO HO sign was nothing more than some wood pieces - also found in the craft section.  I used a Sharpie to decorate them and then hot glued the pieces together.  I probably should have sanded, stained, ....you name it, whatever.  I like the sign fine the way it is.  It was easy.  That's the best part.

Altogether, these make a very charming grouping.  It was a low work project with a high impact - the best kind!



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