Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Pinterest New Year's Party - Wanna Come?

Oh, Pinterest is a lovely place, indeed.  There, I can have a little imaginary world where I live a life that is otherwise not even remotely possible.  But for New Year's Eve, wouldn't you like to come to my party?  You're invited to dream along with me.  First, come to my beautiful imaginary home.  Here it is:
My butler will take your coat and usher you in.  (He's hired for the evening only - otherwise, I'm the perfect housekeeper.  What?  Don't start that.  We're still here in my imaginary world, remember?)

You'll be ushered into a ballroom - it's the one with all the windows.  Here's the view.  (I thought you'd like it!)
Since money is no object, the house looks amazing.  I've spared no expense to make it beautiful - downright magical:
We're all dressed fabulously - to the absolute nines.  Here's what I'm wearing - of course, it doesn't hurt that, in this fantasy, I look amazingly like Grace Kelly.  You wear whatever makes you feel like a million bucks.

Here's MMM's tux.  (This makes me giggle.  He is at his most comfortable at home in bib overalls.  Literally.  Even in this fantasy, I cannot imagine him actually wearing this!  But if he did - he'd be yummy!)
Here's what we'll be drinking.  I'll toast your health and all the fun we'll have in the New Year!

 Here's a selection of the finest hors d'oeuvres to tickle your palate:

We'll dance the night away to the rockin' sounds of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.  Of course, MMM will magically be transformed into a man who loves to dance for this fantasy evening, as well.  In reality, he likes to dance the same way a fish likes a chlorinated pool.
We'll all count down to the magic hour:

And we'll have a lot of kissing at midnight!

Get ready to sing 'Auld Lang Syne'!

Oh, it will be a night we'll never forget......................!  So what do you say?  Want to come?  I want you there, my dear friend!




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