Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sass's Sunday Salvation Show #5

Hello everyone!  I can see that I have developed a pattern where I assiduously post every single day, Sunday through Wednesday, then peter out for the rest of the week.  Don't really mean to do that, but with Christmas, so many things take up my time.  And for those of you who didn't catch my recent post about my Sweet Christmas Surprise, you should take a minute, click over there and read up.  It's OK.  I'll wait here 'til you get back.

Now, you probably understand why my head is whirling with DIY ideas for the big event.  It will be strictly handmade/homemade, and I will be a very busy girl in the months to come.

Now, for my fave project from the last week's Salvation Show.  I loved the wood block JOY sign for Christmas, done by  Artsy Vava.  It is altogether bright and happy, and rustic at the same time.  Her directions are good, too, so zip on over there after you've linked up and have a look.  

It's hard to pick just one - there are so many really wonderful ideas.

Let's get on with this week's link party!  A few rules:

Share something you've done recently.  Take a moment to look at and comment on someone else's link - we're all in this together!  Please consider becoming a follower of Sassafras Salvation and take a Sunday Salvation Show button to remind yourself and others to come back again and again!

Sassafras Salvation


  1. Thanks for your kind comments and the invite I will add your button to my link up page have a great chrissy xx

  2. Thanks for the invite, I'm all linked up. Would love it if you joined in on my Sunday's Best Party.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my JOY wood block! Thanks, too, for hosting the party!


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