Monday, February 27, 2012

Curly Black Scarf

While I was at the water conference this last week, I did what I usually do in training sessions that are primarily lecture format.  I am a good listener and conference presenters usually provide good handouts, so it's just a matter of keeping my hands busy while my eyes and my mind are paying attention elsewhere.  I crochet.  I can burn through a skein of yarn in no time at all.  I usually get comments from others because I crochet so swiftly.  Last week, I used two skeins of black acrylic yarn to make this curly black fashion scarf.

It was fun to make, and it's quite long.  I simply crocheted a nice long chain, then crocheted in rounds, doubling my double crochet in each loop of the prior round.  The spirally ruffle starts to form.  I think this is three rounds, total.

We took these pics on the deck.  It's kind of sad how dead everything looks in the background.  But that's February in Montana for you!  

I think this may be going into my Etsy store soon.



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