Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pretty in Pink - Scarf, that is!

I love it when I can score craft supplies at the thrift store.  Not too long ago, while in the craft section at the Good Samaritan - my favorite local haunt - I spotted three small skeins of polished acrylic.  It's much the same texture as the cotton I use for dishcloths, but lighter in weight.  And that color!  That bright, happy pink.  I could hardly wait to get started on a ruffly scarf for myself. The price was the best part.  Each skein was $.75, and I used all three, so this project came in at $2.25! 

Essentially, I just chained long enough to make myself happy.  This is a long scarf - it must be close to six and a half feet in length.  Once I had the length established, I worked my way around in two rows long ovals of double crochet, one in each previous row's stitches.  The third oval row has two double crochet in each of the first oval's stitches, and then I repeated that, so the fourth oval row has, again,  two double crochet in each of third oval row's stitches.  Those two rows are what forces the ruffle effect to happen. 

The weather accommodated me and my scarf by snowing all over the place.  Shoveling was necessary. In fact, at one point, I managed to put my car partway into a ditch, and had to shovel myself out.  I'm a old hand at shoveling.  I grew up on a farm and could shovel grain well enough to keep up with most men.  I kind of like to shovel, as long as I don't get frustrated.  Unfortunately, in that case, I started to worry that I wouldn't be able to dig my car free.  And I kind of hurt myself.   But it's ok - I'm feeling much better now.

[I wish I could provide better information about my crocheting.  Unfortunately, because I crochet without patterns in a freeform fashion, I'm not much good at explaining it for someone else - and unless that someone else is an experienced crocheter, s/he's not going to get much out of my explanation.  So sorry.]

My Valentine's Day was really sweet.  MMM suggested at we pick up a u-bake pizza, but I think, in the end, he liked my idea better.  I cooked a really good meal:  steak, onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers sauteed in butter and liquid smoke, creamed peas and new potatoes, bicolor zucchini squash, tossed salad, and for dessert, mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Yummers.

How was your Sweetheart Day?




  1. Your scarf is cute! And a total bargain too :)
    Looks like you had a nice little amount of snow there--here we got about 1cm lol

  2. Really lovely scarf! And the description is clear :)
    My Valentine was great: a big flower has been waiting for me next to my computer :D

  3. Beautiful scarf! Found you over at Katie's Nesting Spot :-)


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