Thursday, February 9, 2012

Custom Faucet Handle Bracelet

I know that you're probably feel like you've seen this before. ("Like, hey man, I know you can make a bracelet.  How 'bout you go do something else for a while?")  I have to say that January - way, way outside of spray paint season - has made a bit of a salvage jeweler out of me. 

This bracelet is actually the first one I've sold.  Lovely Meg, who I've just recently met, is a twenty-something redhead with a sparkly personality.  She contacted me via Facebook and provided direction about her preferred colors.

In honor of the fact that she's also my first sale (in connection to my Etsy store, although this sale didn't go through Etsy), I threw in a pair of matching earrings.  Meg was adorable, and she was right on about the color choices.  We met in a parking lot of a local store and she put the earrings on while we were standing there.  They sparkled in the late afternoon sun and they looked great with her skin and hair.

She was very happy with this set.  I'm so glad.  I loved the rustiness of it, and the way the green and black accent play off the autumnal tones.  The best part is how much fun it is to see someone else enjoy something you've created.

Many thanks, Meg!



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