Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sass's Sunday Salvation Show - Lucky #13

It's Sunday - and that means we've moved another week closer to Spring - please, please, let Spring come soon!  I am tired of cold, wind, snow, sleet, mixed rain and snow, clouds, ice, etc., etc., etc.  I want a warm sunny day.  Or thirty.  Can you tell I'm getting impatient?  I don't hide it very well, do I? 

Last week's Salvation Show was lovely.  So many things to look at and enjoy and file away for future tweaking for a project of my own!  And all so hard to choose from.  But I set myself up to choose a favorite, and I did.  Here's my favorite project from the 12th Salvation Show: The Most Visited Room in the House by It all Started with Paint.

While there are no 'before' shots of this lovely, there is a bounty of lovely 'afters'.  You need to go there and check out the thrifty and pretty changes that have made this Linda's most visited room.  Though to be frank, the actual numbers of visits may have less to do with the decor and more to do with the hospitality!

Let's get on with the show, shall we?

A few rules:

Share something you've done recently.  Take a moment to look at and comment on someone else's link - we're all in this together!  Please consider becoming a follower of Sassafras Salvation and take a Sunday Salvation Show button to remind yourself and others to come back again and again!

Sassafras Salvation


  1. Oh, I am so very, very honored to be your favorite! It means so very much to me! So thank you ...



  2. Thanks SO much for hosting and for the wonderful invite.. Officially linked up.. :)) Lovely blog you have here.. I am your happiest new follower here.. :)) wishing you a wonderful start to your week...


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