Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Sneak Peek Countdown

Hello everyone!  Today's sneak peek is going to be more conceptual than concrete.  Basically, all I'm sharing are the colors of the wedding.  

Of course, without saying as much, I have already shown you the colors, but maybe you didn't realize it.  The little Sneak Peek logo above says about all that needs to be said, except that I'm not limiting myself to those specific shades.  The orange is generally a nice dreamsicle-y shade, but could go from paler to deeper.  The turquoise is the antique turquoise that is so au courant right now, but it run the range and be lighter or darker, as well.  You'll see as I continue to unveil bits and pieces through the next few months. 

It's all very exciting -- we're developing new ideas all the time, so stay tuned!  Meanwhile, if you've missed the first couple of sneak peeks, I've linked them below. 

Today, my daughter is helping me paint.  I'll take some pics and share in a post this coming week.



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