Thursday, February 2, 2012

I 'felt' like a Hoot Owl Necklace

This one's kind of silly and cute, but I had fun making it, and I had fun wearing it, as well.  I imagined a little hoot owl necklace, made from felt (although I thought about it later, and decided that other fabrics might lend themselves well to such a project as this, too.  I may do a little experimenting and see.)  Sometimes, when I have an idea, I send myself the idea by email, and remind myself what I intended to do.  That's what happened here.

Basically, I used three colors of felt:  gray, black, and purple.  I cut a small rectangle (with a triangle extension) from the gray felt; two small circles and a set of eyebrows from the black felt, and a wing wrap from the purple.

I cut a bead cap in half.  It was an old one and made of very thin metal, so it cut easily.  That made for a perfect set of feet, complete with little claws, for my owl.  His eyes are just a pair of gems.  They sure do shine!

I glued the parts with Aleene's Tacky Glue.  I thought about getting out the hot glue gun, but decided the potential for disaster was too much.  The Tacky Glue was just fine.  I just had to be a bit more patient than I usually am.  Turns out impatience is sort of one of my vices.  I never thought of myself as an impatient person, but I do like things to be done and be done quickly.  I have a couple of furniture projects that I haven't been able to get to, and they're frustrating me in terms of the length of time they're taking.  Deep breath.  Back to owls.

His breast feathers are just rows of tiny rick-rack.  The little squiggly wire on each wing are jewelry findings, bent decoratively with my round tipped pliers.  They're essentially a set of clips.  The squiggled findings just held on by 'clamping' each wing.

I strung him on a length of black organza ribbon, and tied tiny little tight granny knots onto the closure findings.  I wore him one day, and discovered that the closure weighs more than he does, so I added a washer to the little pocket on his backside, made by his 'wing wrap'.  Now he weighs enough to counterbalance that ring and T closure.

I made a pattern for you to print off!  (But..........My pattern's not exactly the height of sophistication.)  I just drew it with a Sharpie, so you could print and cut out an owl, too, if you'd like.  Go here - you'll see what I mean.

Y'know, it's not exactly beautiful.  But it's pretty darned cute.  Some outfits don't demand exotic jewelry.  They prefer a little fun.  So here's some fun!


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  2. Hi, Kathy

    I love your owl. It really turned out great.


  3. I love owls ... and this is such a sweet one! Thanks for sharing at my party :)


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