Thursday, March 15, 2012

Serendipity Scarf and Headband

Maybe one last winter crochet project before spray paint season starts and I get going on all the furniture I have plans for!  We have such a teasing kind of pre-Spring weather going on.  Sunshine one day, snow the next.  Makes me a little crazy - I'm never sure how to dress!

This is another scarf I made while I was at the Montana Rural Water Conference.  I ran across this lovely yarn at Michael's - and while it was more than I am accustomed to paying, I certainly think it worked up into a nice scarf.  It has a kind of curliness to it, and is whimsical and practical at the same time.  

I had just a bit of green leftover from a former project - but just enough to make a coordinating headband.  And strangely enough, my bit of leftover blue yarn matched, too, so that this whole set came together by serendipitous means.  Nice how that happens sometimes.  




  1. These turned out so pretty! I know what you mean about the weather. We have had some real unusual weather this year also.

  2. Those are adorable! The flowers on the headband are a great touch. Nice colors for early spring too, especially with the crazy weather.


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