Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Sneak Peek - His Ring

MMM and I have committed to entering into this marriage without entering into any new debt.  We determined that everything we do, within reason, has to be homemade or thrifted.  That just isn't possible with our rings.  We're just not jewelers, so we needed to turn to capable, reputable sources to find our rings.  MMM's came in the mail today.  

Mine has been here a while, and I will feature it some other Saturday.  But I'm really excited about his.  Don't get me wrong - I'm excited about mine, as well, but I bought his.  News flash: I am giving a man a wedding ring.  It's really so much more real.  A bit like feeling that baby kick for the first time.  Suddenly everything is more clearly in focus.  

We thought, at one point, about simply getting a matching set and calling it good.  But we're both very strong individuals, and we each wanted a ring that spoke to us.  We're really good together, and that's because we each are strong enough to stand alone.  It makes us doubly strong when we choose to stand together.  We're not 'dependent' on each other.  We're two independent beings, choosing to become dependent on one another.  Our rings are very different from each other.  You'll see what I mean when I feature my ring.  As are we.

There's a world of difference in that.  We both bring our 'A' game to this marriage.  Nobody's running away from one thing or to another.  This is a careful, thoughtful choice about how we each want to shape our lives.  And we are choosing to shape them together.  I really think that our rings are a perfect example of that.  

MMM ordered his ring online from an Etsy shop - Titanium Knights.  He considered many rings.  We looked at cobalt, stainless steel, tungsten, gold, and platinum.  We looked at simpler rings and much more complicated rings.  

But he was convinced he wanted a hammered look and he wanted titanium.  This isn't quite hammered, since that would be almost impossible in titanium, but it's got a great look and we're both really happy with it.

Here's the funny thing.  He has very large hands.  Here I am - size 6 ring finger, trying on this size 13.5 ring.  Isn't that so funny?  It's even too big for my thumb!  

But here it is, on his left hand, where it belongs, and it's not a bit funny.  Suddenly, all is right with the world.



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  1. My husband wants one now! The prices are very reasonable too!


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