Friday, March 30, 2012

More Spring Mantel - Songbirds of Spring

You have to forgive my slightly blurry pictures today.  There's a reason for it, and I'll share that with you later on.  Hint:  steep learning curve.  

I'm sharing another little step towards completing my spring mantel.  I love the wicker cloche, above.  I lucked into that.  We went to an estate sale, and there were three (!!!) of these nested together, in three sizes.  One needs some repair, but the entire set only cost me $5.00.  Couldn't very well walk away from a deal like that, could I?  I've nested some plastic Easter eggs in some greenery, and clipped on some spring-green butterflies to watch over them.  I have it sitting on a little porcelain pedestal that I picked up at the Good Samaritan for a song.

Butterflies aren't very good babysitters, so it's a good thing Mama and Daddy Bird are nearby.  I bought this adorable ceramic set with the crushed glass inset in the wings at Michael's.  Isn't there an actual bird that's called a glasswing?  

Hm-mm .... OK, so a little googling showed me that the glasswing is actually an unbelievably beautiful butterfly. But my birds are pretty good, too, and I don't mind saying so.

Two more little pretties, and the week goes on.  Full reveal tomorrow.  Stay tuned!



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