Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Sneak Peek - My Ring

Well, OK - you've had a look at his.  It's only fair that I give you a Sneak Peek at mine.  I am over the moon delighted with my ring.  I realize that some of you reading this may not realize that this is a part of an ongoing series.  Here's the quick-and-dirty of what's going on.  MMM and I are getting married on September 1st.  It's a second marriage for both of us, and we want to do it well, but wisely, so we have committed to incurring no new debt as we enter into this marriage.

Essentially, that means that we each have a number of tasks ahead of us, and, within reason, everything about this wedding will either be homemade or thrifted.  Our rings were one of those items for which it was unreasonable to consider thrifting or homemade.  We're just not jewelers and we wanted nice rings.  Each of us has very specific taste.  I am a girly-girl and MMM is nothing if not masculine, so a matchy-matchy set was just out of the question.  Without doubt, any set I would prefer would be too fussy for him and whatever his preference would be too stark for me.

So, here is my gorgeous ring.  It's black diamonds set in 10K white gold, in a style reminiscent of rings of the late 1800s.   I love its antique style, particularly the way the whole top section is set like a crown, with tiny diamond chips surrounding the larger stones in an infinite ribbon.  There's no single stone that rises like a solitaire.  Instead, the entire ring is unified.  The whole set of stones has shared importance. 

 MMM and I went to a local jewelry store and tried on rings.  Two good things came out of that.  First, we were able to get accurately sized.  I'm a six on a good day; a six-and-a-half after a popcorn movie night.  

Second, I had previously imagined that a simple gold band would do it for me.   Oh, how wrong I was!  When we left the store, I had (at last) tried on the one ring that really spoke to me - the ring that I had somewhat avoided, thinking that it was just too expensive.  And it was.  But it was full of pretty details, and that made me fully aware that I wanted more than a plain and simple band. Self awareness is a good thing, no?

We started looking online, and, while I didn't necessarily want to insist on diamonds (because of the sometimes-outrageous cost), I wasn't completely ruling them out.  One day, I did a Google Image search for 'diamond ring', and then just scrolled down through the many results.  Then suddenly, in the middle of a page full of white diamonds, there was a black diamond, and I fell in love. 

[[Here's where you have to forgive my wrinkly fifty year old hands.  A hand model I am NOT!  Some women have pretty hands.  Mine are utilitarian.  They look like they should be kneading dough or changing diapers or wielding a hoe.  That's okay with me.  They look very much like my Grandma C's hands.]

I found this ring online, on Amazon, and we paid under $500 for it.  I think that's pretty amazing value.  Diamonds set in white gold for that price?  Wow. 

I think it's beautiful and timelessBest of all, it's from MMM.




  1. I love your ring! It is beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Missy. I had a feeling you'd stop by to see it. Glad to hear from you!

  3. It is gorgeous andsooo you!!!


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