Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday Sneak Peek

Today's the first day of my new series: "Saturday Sneak Peek"!  Each Saturday, I want to give you a little peek at the preparations I am making for my upcoming wedding, September 1st, 2012.  If you had not previously known that I was engaged to be married, you may want to read the post entitled "My Sweet Little Christmas Surprise".  MMM and I have made a few plans - setting, colors, guest list, etc.  But the decor is primarily up to me.  He has a few items on his 'to do' list, and they're really pretty vital.  My list is filled with somewhat 'non-vital' items, but I want it to be pretty and memorable, so I'm working hard to do things that are personal reflections of both of us.

On of the first things we decided was that we wanted a location that was inexpensive, comfortable, attractive, and personal.  My sister's yard is all of that.  Plus she has great overhanging trees and a lush lawn.  We asked.  She said yes.  So a backyard wedding it is.  On the lawn.  Whatever shoes I chose would simply have to be a wedge.  No aerating her grass with my wedding shoes.  Wedges.  Requirement #1

I am very short.  I have to take a deep breath to claim 5'2".  That's short, I tell you.  (And I've seen my grandmothers.  Things are not looking good for the future.  I expect to shrink....!)  MMM is eight inches taller.  Even in my tallest heel - and I have some four-inchers - I don't outmatch him.  So I expected that heels were going to be necessary - Requirement #2.

I committed to doing as much of the entire wedding via thrift or hand/homemade.  And we WILL NOT acquire any debt in order to have this wedding.  The shoes had to be inexpensive.  Requirement #3.

I want pretty shoes.  So many wedge heels are wrapped in rope.  That may be fine if you are in the salt spray, on the beach, at the baseball game looking hot - whatever.  I did not want rope or jute.  Too casual.  The heel had to be something wedding appropriate.  Requirement #4.

So, look here!  A pair of BRAND NEW BANDOLINOS!  Yes, I know I'm shouting.  They are cute, are they not?  I found them at my favorite thrift store, Good Samaritan.

Cork-wrapped heel?  Check?

Could the price be more right?

There simply is no wear whatsoever.  These are new, new, new!

There's that brand name.  I did a little research and found a similar pair at Zappo's for $47.99.  But these could not have more perfectly filled the bill.

I am pretty much convinced that, if you are patient, thrift stores can provide just about your every wish and whim.  Takes some looking; takes some time.  But it's very rewarding to find just the right thing.

So there it is - my first little sneak peek.   We'll keep looking forward, shall we?



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  1. You are absolutely right to do this debt free. I do not understand people going in debt for a wedding when with some patience and ingenuity you can have a beautiful inexpensive wedding. I had to pay for my own wedding too. I love the shoes!


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