Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Blog Design

While thinking of something to write about is never really an issue for me, since I love to chat it up, today's post is extra easy.  Look around!  While my old blog design could hardly have been 'worn out', it sure didn't reflect me in its style.  I had simply started with whatever colors and templates I could put together to get the blog rolling.  I'm learning as I go, but I don't have the graphic design skills necessary to do the complex work of creating a fully and competently designed blog.  Someday, with much instruction and practice, perhaps.  Today, just no.

I had clicked on the design info for a number of blogs and read up on the costs of getting a custom page done, and those kind of dollars are just way, waaay too much for me.  I'm the very definition of a shoestring operation.  Enter MMM.  I knew he had skills, but Mad Skillz?  Yes.  Mad Skillz.  Don't be hatin'.

He and I sat down and started finding pieces to put together that would reflect my tastes and interests.  First, for whatever reason, I have always loved cherries.  Someday, I'll share my camper with you.  It's a 1954 Rainbow - shaped like a canned ham - and while it's vintage, I've updated its decor to something more cheerily - no cherry-ly - vintage.  And I named it the Cherry Blossom Special.  It's super cute.  Since that time, I can't tell you how many friends have said, "I saw this cherry (thing) in a store and thought of you."  Sometimes, incredibly, they buy that lovely cherry item and give it to me.  How sweet that is!

Secondly, Sassafras Salvation is about making things cherry the way that vintage car lovers talk about their cars.  If it's cherry, it's as good as new.  And, somehow, despite a desperate lack of real techie-type computer skill, I figured out how to do a cherry favicon (that cute little cherry you see next to the URL in the web address box at the top.

So cherries it had to be.

MMM knows his way around a computer and used photoshop to put this design together for me.  He listened and offered suggestions, and took his time, carefully making it a perfect fit for me.  Then he went one step further and designed a coordinating banner for my newly opened Etsy store.  It took several hours and lots of consideration of various ideas.  And I love deep rich color, so it evolved as we worked.... well, he worked while I, giddy with all the cuteness he produced, just enjoyed the process.

So, no pictures this time, because the post isn't about something outside the blog, it's about the blog itself.  Look around again.  Is this not the cutest blog?  

I love it.  Thanks, MMM.  You are the best!

Love ya,


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