Monday, October 31, 2011

A Start on a Thanksgiving Mantel Vignette

I've put Halloween away, and I'm really ready to move on (although I must admit that I came up with an idea for next year's Halloween as recently as last night!)  I took down that PB Knockoff mantel that so many of you have enjoyed.   We enjoyed it too, but  I've made plans for something new and wonderful.  

At MMM's house, the fireplace, the stone, the mantelpiece  - well, they're all huge.   The mantelpiece is eighty eight inches wide.  Yes, I said it.  Eighty-eight inches.  That's seven feet four inches.  You cain't make no teeny-tiny plans for a seven foot wide fireplace!   You have to plan BIG.  

I started with five pumpkins.  I've loved the sweater pumpkin since the first time I saw it.  I love the pillowiness.....I love the simplicity.......I love the stems......and I really love the thriftiness of such a lovely item.  I dropped by the Goodwill store this evening, and picked up a couple of sweaters for two dollars apiece.  One white, one yellow.  And I spent the evening enjoying Will Farrell's salute on PBS and making pumpkins.  I already had the jute string and the fiberfill.  The sweaters were my only investment today.  I think five decorative pumpkins for four dollars is pretty good.  And they're all different sizes, from about 6" up to about a foot tall, including the stem.

If you haven't made these, but need a tutorial so that you can, go HERE.  The materials list is short, but the bang for the buck is big.  But not as big as that fireplace.  I need more, so this fireplace project will unfold over a few days.  I still have lots planned.  Stay tuned. 

One other thing you'll notice are my Scrabble-style Thanksgiving blocks.  These were another Goodwill find tonight.  I ran across these nicely finished wood blocks in an unopened package.  There were 13 of them for only 69 cents.  I snapped them right up.  Using a black Sharpie, I added Scrabble style lettering and tile values to create these little Thanksgiving blocks.  It might have taken me a whole five minutes, but I really think they're cute!

I love that, despite spending so little, with a little planning and preparation, I can make such pretty things for my home.  Loving it!  Thanksgiving will come and go pretty quickly, so I had to get a move on!  How about you?



I'm loving my LINKY PARTIES! 


  1. Your sweater pumpkins are SO cute!! Stopping over from The DIY Showoff - hope you'll stop by and say hi, too! :)

  2. I looooove this! The Scrabble tiles are awesome - I never NEVER even thought about making them. How easy! And I just love sweater pumpkins. I've been searching thrift stores for sweaters but not much luck yet. You might find me making one in January but must have! ;)

    Linking in the Fall party highlights tomorrow!


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