Sunday, October 16, 2011

Old School? New Cool! - #1

On a recent trip through my local Good Samaritan Thrift Store, I ran across a great book, all about home decor.  Now, I always have my eye open for a good, fairly recent book that has great color or design ideas, and I really hit the jackpot that day.  Except for the fairly recent part.  The book I got was actually published a year before I was born:

It was in beautiful condition, and the illustrations seemed, well, surprisingly current.  Solomon, fount of biblical wisdom, said it best, "There is nothing new under the sun." (Ecclesiastes 1:9).  Indeed, this book, published 51 years ago, is full of ideas that reflect current trends.  Also, no surprise here, it was published by Better Homes and Gardens... still going strong, still on the leading edge of home fashion. 

I bought it for a song.  It was half off the marked price of $1 that day -  just fifty cents!

The book inspired me to bring you a series of interesting style coincidences.  It is simply intriguing how many of the ideas that the book presented so many years ago are out there in the World of Blog masquerading as new cool ideas, when in actuality, they are old cool ideas.  Each weekend, for a little while, I'm going to feature a photo of a great idea from someone's blog and then show the corollary idea from the book.  I think it will be fun to see where the ideas originated and how they've been reinvented. 

I'm starting here, with Roeshel of The DIY Showoff:

If you're not a follower of The DIY Showoff, get over there and sign up.  Roeshel has amazing taste and a really cool blog, full of tips, tricks, and gorgeous full room re-dos. 

On a personal note, when I started this blog, I was fumbling around a good deal trying to link up to her DIY Project Parade, and she was extremely nice and very patient with me.  I couldn't figure out how to link up to a project and I emailed her.  She must have been sitting at her computer at that very moment, because she emailed me right back, offering good advice and even extended herself for more help if I still wasn't able to figure it out.  After that, she came to visit Sassafras Salvation, signed up as a follower, and left my very first comment.  As far as I am concerned, that's way, WAY above and beyond what's necessary to support a newbie blogger, so Roeshel is head and shoulders above the crowd, as far as I am concerned.

Just recently, she shared with us her New Cool updated guest room:

The room is beautiful, elegant, restful.  She incorporated such lovely tones of soft turquoise and orange and it all works together so well.  It's yin and yang, sun and sea, fire and water.  And by the way - that lovely rug?  It's not a rug.  You have to go there and see for yourself. 

But what was BHG featuring in 1960?  Yup, that's right. Old School turquoise and orange:

Now I know it's not a great shot - it's a picture of a picture. And Roeshel's is fresh and up-to-date. But you can still see that Solomon was right.  There really is nothing new under the sun.  You really can turn Old School into New Cool.

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P.S.  I have not been paid by anyone for anything I said or did with this post.  I'll let you know if that ever changes!

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  1. That is so cool, Kathy! Funny how trends/styles come and go and come back again! I can't wait to see more examples! Thanks so much for sharing my guest room! :)



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