Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yummy Gift Scarf

I wanted to show you a little scarf I made for a friend, so I'm hoping against hope that Kate won't be reading my blog for a while.  And if she does?  Well, then, Katie - I guess the jig's up!

For this project, you'll need two skeins of chunky, yummy yarn.  I bought mine at Walmart.  And a chunky crochet hook, size I/9. It's a great little project that moves right along.  I made this one in less than 90 minutes, start to finish.

Last year, I made Kate a Mobius scarf.  If you don't know what that is, go here. Essentially, it's a closed loop with a twist already in it, so there's no way to say which is the 'right' or 'wrong' side of the scarf.  Late in summer, Kate asked for something that she can fasten more closely around her neck for real warmth.  

I've explained before that I crochet pretty prolifically, but never really learned to follow a pattern, so providing instruction for this will be pretty interesting.  Stay with me.

I crocheted a chain that seemed to fill the bill.  This scarf is about 45 inches long without the fringe.  (Kate is a good deal taller than me, and that seemed like it would work.)  So crochet a 45" chain, and then two more chains to begin the first row.  Work your way back in the first row with double crochet, skipping every other link in the original chain.  Then, on row two, place each double crochet above the gap left by the skip in the previous row, so that the placement of the bars alternates as you work each additional row. Continue until you have seven or eight rows, or until the scarf is wide enough to make you happy.  

Add a little fringe.  Again, because this yarn was so heavy and soft, I only needed three strands, doubled, to make each tassel.  I am considering adding a toggle button or a big fat button, so that Kate can button up for warmth, and not have to fool with keeping it in place.

Full disclaimer:  I am the model.  MMM was the photographer.  I airbrushed the heck out of myself, because I want you to enjoy the scarf, not my wrinkles.  

I sure don't enjoy my wrinkles.  Why would you?  But the scarf is nice, isn't it?  Do you try for the occasional handmade gift?

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P.S.  I was not paid anything by anyone for anything I said or did in this post.

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