Monday, October 24, 2011

What can you buy at the "Scary Apothecary"?

This is the easiest project in history.  I swear.  A first grader could do this, and probably has, sometime, somewhere.  I probably should have given it to my granddaughter to do, while I did something incredibly important, like watch a "Friends" re-run.  But I didn't.  I nobly took on the task, and five minutes later, had a strangely beautiful set of scary apothecary bottles.

Here's how it went down.  Brace yourself.  

1.  Print a set of scary labels on your printer.
2.  Cut them out.
3.  Coat them, both sides, with Mod Podge.
4. Stick them to bottles that you've picked up at rummage sales.
5. Let them dry.
6. Set them on the mantel.
7.  Call everyone over to enjoy your creation.

OK, really, I just added those last three steps, because four didn't seem hard enough.  But the last three don't exactly cause the difficulty quotient to rise, I think you'll agree.  The original source for these labels is right here.  I earlier thought they were from The Graphics Fairy (my favorite site for beautiful graphics), but I must have stumbled across these on another day. 

Now, on to the pictures that demonstrate all that bubble, bubble, toil and trouble:

You want to collect bottles and try it too?  I think you might be able to do it, if you really apply yourself!

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