Monday, January 16, 2012

This Little Word of Mine

Layla, over at The Lettered Cottage, in her very sweet and thoughtful way, laid a bit of a challenge before me last week. 
 Her suggestion?  Find a word that you can embrace.  A word that can push you out of your comfort zone a bit.  A word that can bring you joy and make your life more than what it is.  I thought about this challenge a bit - really wanted to participate in it.  Some words were too pushy.  Too uncomfortable.  Too sweet or too prissy or too harsh for me.  But I found it.  I found my word.  Here it is:

I have spent a good deal of time just worrying about the present or regretting the past.  Believe me, that will get you nowhere.  The Bible is very clear on the subject of worrying (in case you are a worrier).  It says, 'Who will add one day to his life by worrying?'  I'm sure I haven't!  Regret is the same deal.  I certainly have made some bad decisions.  Who hasn't?  But today, I realize that even my bad decisions have helped to create the sum total of the person I am.  And God loves me and created me, and He guides my steps.  And I know that He can bring real and wonderful blessings from decisions that seem, at the time, unbelievably awful.  He's done it time and again.  

So today, I resolve to look forward.  This has been a really special year for me.  After 26 years of singledom, I have MMM, and he and I can look forward to the rest of our lives together.

I resolve to pay it forward.  I discovered blogging this year, and I have to say that Roeshel, at The DIY Showoff, has been an amazing friend to me - whether she's really aware of it or not.  She has been so kind to me, as a new blogger.  I have to remember that, and pay it forward, anytime I get the chance.

I resolve to move forward.  This year, I turned 50.  It's a big milestone.  But it's no time to look back.  Instead, I have a life to live.  I need to actively move forward into it, and I intend to.

No more looking over my shoulder, second-guessing, or doubting.  I need to shake free of old worries and put my eyes and my intent on the future.  It's forward.  

Forward - March!




  1. Hi, Kathy

    Great post and I love the word your picked out. My word for 2012 is Moxie! I am going to be determine to move forward as well. I enjoyed looking around and I tweeted and added some of your lovely projects to my Facebook page. Have a great week.


  2. Great word for 2012! I posted about my word of the year on my blog if you wish to read about it! :)

  3. Love your word!-I am your newest follower from Layla's party-Stop by for a visit!


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