Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valentine's Wreath and Garland

This cute little banner is courtesy of Martha Stewart and Home Depot  - because it's nothing more than paint chips!  I really like the BIG Martha paint chips - and they made this cute banner easy.  And it was easy to pick out all the pretty pinks, purples, and reds.  It's not exactly professional, because I hand-lettered it, but I like it, nonetheless.

I swagged it across the mantel, and decided that it needed a little 'sumpin-sumpin' to jazz it up.  Fortunately, I had been to my favorite local thrift store - The Good Samaritan - earlier in the day, and picked up this dazzling Valentine's Day wreath.  For.  Three.  Dollars.  !

It's so pretty, with boa feathers twined betwen metallic shiny and matte hearts.  There was a lady in front of me who had picked up another wreath, examining it.  Apparently, she hadn't seen this one yet.  And I wasn't one to stand around and let her get a chance to change her mind.  I skinnied in there and snagged it.  And isn't it a lovely thing?  I was pretty tickled to see that $3.00 price tag on the back!

Well, the mantel is coming along.    MMM has only been around for one year, and I have to say that for the many intervening years, when I had no sweetheart, I did nothing for Valentine's Day.  It was just another day in the week.  These last couple of years have been so much sweeter than I had ever hoped.  This year, when I ask him to 'Be Mine?' - I am confident he'll say yes!

Have you kissed your sweetie today?  No?  Well, go do it right away!  I'll be here when you get back!




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