Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine Bottle and Topiary

Here are a couple of projects - one very quick and easy! And one requiring time and patience.  You can guess which I enjoyed doing as opposed to which I enjoy looking at most, now that the work for each is over.

I love me an antique bottle.  You may remember my Scary Apothecary bottles from Halloween.  I found  this little frame, filled it with a label evocative of Valentine's Day (in a little bit of a Rock-n-Roll, create my own destiny - kind of way), and used a bit of Mod Podge to secure it to an old pharmacy bottle.  I tied a bit of ribbon around the neck of the bottle, and TA-DA!  Another project complete.  Whew!  I think I may have spent two and a half minutes getting it done.  I need a nap!


Actually, here's the project that really absorbed a serious amount of time.  I saw a topiary tutorial over at The Sweet Survival, and knew that the budget for this beauty was just right for me.  I bought a roll of scarlet crepe paper streamers and went to work. 

When I finished the head of the topiary, I slid a dowel into it, placed it down into a glass vase from the Dollar Tree that I wrapped with jute and embellished with an antique heart-shaped cookie cutter.   There's a bit of dried moss to hide the floral foam that keeps that dowel standing upright.  I made two of these, to flank the mantel.

They are about 15 or 16 inches tall, so they're significant.  The foam ball was 5 inches in diameter to begin with, and considerably larger once the roses were added.  I'm loving the way the mantel is coming out.  We'll be seeing the whole thing tomorrow!  Stay tuned!



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